Seattle/Bellevue Real Estate Market. Can I still get top dollar for my home?

YES, here in western King County you can. Nationwide in most areas the market has shifted from a sellers to a buyers market . However in western King County (Seattle, Bellevue and surrounding cities) we have seen days on market (DOM) increase but I would not call it a buyers market yet. We were used to seeing average to great homes getting multiple offers in the past few years. These days correctly priced, well maintained, updated and cleaned homes are still getting multiple offers but “average” homes are now sitting.   This should prove a point to sellers that it is now VERY important to invest your money in those repairs and updates to your house and yard if you want to get TOP dollar for your home. There is another advantage for making necessary repairs and updates, your home will sell much quicker.

 This brings up the question “Is it a good time to sell?” Well, if you have to or  just want to sell and getting top dollar is important, consult a home staging professional, a real estate listing agent, home decorator and/or landscape designer to see what the hottest trends are. You should then implement the upgrades that will get you the most return and also make changes that will grab the buyer emotionally. Remember, do not go overboard for your neighborhood.

    Realtor Greg


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