Selling your house in Seattle, Bellevue & Redmond.

 Selling your house in Seattle, Bellevue & Redmond.

In Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond and other King County cities some sellers are still getting multiple offers.

  Who are getting multiple offers and what are they doing to get them?  Sellers who….

  1. update their homes with popular features.
  2. have had a pre-inspection on their home and repaired any items that could cause a seller to be turned off.
  3. completely clean their home, eliminated clutter & personal items.
  4. paint their homes with warm neutral colors.
  5. clean their yards, mow their lawns, pull their weeds, Trim trees and bushes, lay sod, add plants, and spread bark or mulch.
  6. replaced carpet if needed.
  7. have their home staged.
  8. have professional pictures taken for the listing.
  9. price their homes correctly

If you don’t have a sense of design then have your agent refer you to a staging professional. The consultation fee of the staging professional is minimal compared to what you can get as a return for making all of the necessary changes.  The goal is to make your house stand out from your competition.


Click here for a staging video clip

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