Annexation of North Juanita into the city of Kirkland

The Kirkland City Council is carefully considering the annexation of the Finn Hill, Upper Juanita and Kingsgate neighborhoods. While the City has been discussing annexation for years, due to a new state sales tax credit, it is revisiting annexation of these three neighborhoods known as our “potential annexation area” or PAA.

Annexation Q & A

Kirkland Community and Potential Annexation Area (PAA) map (PDF-1.8 MB)

PAA Fire District map (PDF-3.1 MB)

PAA School District map (PDF-3.2 MB)

PAA Utility District map (PDF-3.2 MB)


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  1. Greg,

    Glad to see you have listed annexation on your website. The more the public is aware of the facts, the better the system works. I am opposed to the annexation because the cost will be too great and the benefits too few. Already the total is is going to be over $50 million.

    You can learn more at

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