0/8, 09-07. Bellevue Restaurant “0/8” personal review.

 0/8 for our #9

Last week my wife and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary. We decided to dine at 0/8 for our special occasion. We had never heard of 0/8 and it was not recommended to us by anybody. We had found them on the list of restaurants on the Passport Unlimited website (www.PassportUnlimited.com).  They describe themselves as Northwest, Seafood Grill style of cuisine. I am not a huge fan of paying for seafood, I like it but I would much rather spend the money on a great steak. My wife, on the other hand, loves seafood so after seeing that they had a few steaks to choose from we thought this would be fine.  We made our reservations online and put in the special notes that we are celebrating our anniversary. When we arrived  we gave our name to the hostess and she congratulated us on our special day and immediately guided us to a very nice quiet location strategically located next to a  huge wall of wine. A few seconds later our server, “Chris”, came over introduced himself and also congratulated us. He was very friendly and broke the ice with some small talk and joked with us about a few things before asking us for our drink order. My wife and I each ordered a Pear Margarita (Made with Sauza and Oregon Pear Brandy.)Mmmmm..  Tasty!! Deciding to skip an appetizer so we can enjoy a desert later, we placed our dinner order. My wife chose the Grilled Prosciutto Wrapped Halibut and I went with the 14 oz. CAB Cowboy Ribeye with the Maytag Blue Cheese Mashed Potatoes and Vegetables. We both really enjoyed our meals. The steak was cooked perfectly. My knife sliced through it like butter and the mashed potatoes were mouth wateringly perfect. The wrapped halibut was a very pleasant unique combo and cooked wonderfully.  Throughout the meal Chris kept returning to refill our water and when our plates were empty he offered to pay for a desert. We loved the sound of that and decided to order one for each of us. I chose the Apple Tart and my wife decided on a Lemon something or other, both recommended by Chris. The pastry on the apple tart was buttery and mixed well with the tart caramelized sliced apples. We both really enjoyed our deserts too. Overall we are very happy we chose 0/8 for our #9. Great service, great personal touch and great food. Check them out! They get 2 empty plates from us (Our rating system. Empty plate = highest possible score)Click here for Address, Phone Number & Map


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  1. Greg – awesome write up about 0/8! My wife and I will be going for sure! It sounds like the perfect place to take my wife and make her feel like the Queen she is! ~ Troy

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