White vs. Color? Interior painting to sell your home.

  What should you do to help sell you home quicker and for top dollar?

  “Let’s just keep it white that way the buyer can paint it the color they want.” Have you heard this? Maybe you have said this. Believe it or not this is still a misconception in the real estate market. Logically it makes sense but a majority of the buyers do not want to make changes to their new home. Moving is plenty of work as it is. We are all very busy and taking a few days out of our lives to paint a few rooms or maybe all of the them is not our idea of taking time off.  White is also considered a very stark and cold color not to mention it doesn’t look that good in the pictures on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

Here is what buyers want…

-Warm and stylish colors

-Coordinated contrasty colors (here is where you can keep your white) for mill and trim work.

Here are a few examples of how color helps a room look better.

White roomGreen RoomSafe colorWhite RoomSafe colorBold Color

Painting is a very inexpensive way to give your house a mood and make it look fresh and new. Don’t save money in this area.

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  1. After applying different painting colors, the house looks like life. Thanks for the info and ideas you have given for selling the house.

  2. I’m in the market to buy a house and I absolutely disagree. I’ve lived in many places with walls colored other than white and it has been terrible. Colors will suck up any light you have coming in from sun and every light you have from lamps like a monster of darkness. Even light colors such as beige and dark eggshell are light suckers. You will never be able to do simple things like read a book with the sun coming in, or do any hobby or crafting without spending 10x more on your electricity bills trying to fight the darkness with mass numbers of lamps. There is a reason walls on the interior of houses were painted white for decades –people weren’t stupid. It’s for the added light the white reflects. Colors are great for restaurant interiors and hotel atmosphere not inside a home you intend to live in for more than a couple of weeks.. unless it’s your personal goal to have headaches from eye strain everyday. You are right about one thing though, buyers don’t want the extra work–when I walk into a home with colored walls I walk right back out and keep looking.

    • Hi “In The Market”, Thanks for visiting and commenting on my post. Your practical reasons make sense. The reason I wrote this article was to help sellers get their home sold faster and for more money. There are practical & emotional buyers out there. I tend to be more practical myself. The emotional people get the warm and fuzzies when they see something. Unfortunately, for the practical people, we are in the minority. It is proven that more people prefer warm colors, over white, when looking for a home. In studies, more people prefer pictures of homes with color than white walls. Why does this matter?? Well 80%-90% of people start their home search on the internet, so it is in the best interest of sellers to meet the needs of the masses. They will get their home sold faster and for more money. << This is not my opinion, it’s a fact. Thanks for taking the time and effort to give me and my readers your opinion. That’s why I do it. Are you currently working with a realtor? If not, can I help you find a home?
      Realtor Greg

  3. Hi Greg!
    I’,m from Malaysia and stumble upon your side while googling on my new home color. Just wanna say thanks for the nice solor scheme.. “Green Room” .. and I’m totally agreed with you on the “It is proven that more people prefer warm colors, over white, when looking for a home”


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