Downtown Bellevue has a bowling alley. Is it a strike out?

 Downtown Bellevue has “Lucky Strike”

Lucky Strike Lanes Bellevue WA

  As of early January 2008 downtown Bellevue has a great new active place to hang out. The hip national  bowling chain made it’s way to Bellevue. With 16 locations across North America Lucky Strike Lanes obviously thought Bellevue was worthy enough to bring this hip and vintage, lounge style bowling alley to town.

 My review of Lucky Strike Lanes (LSL) is….. 7 out of 10. The cool things about this place are the location, the mix of the vintage Hollywood lounge style with the technology we expect here in Microsoftville. This could be a good or bad thing depending on what you like but I like it that they have about half the lanes of most bowling alleys. The obvious downside is the alley fills up fast so make your reservations. I didnt have any food so I cannot review that but the wait staff service seemed to be adaquit. Here is the reason I didnt give LSL a higher rating… The check in and check out desk is tiny and not very well planned. Check in wasnt too bad but check out was a hastle and a mess. We had a group of about 16 people, everbody paid for themselves and instead of charging us on a per game basis they charge by the hour with a group that size. We were all backed up at this tiny desk trying to figure out how much we owed. We had people leave early and come late so we couldnt just devide it up 16 ways. It took us a while to get it all worked out. Over all everybody that came had a great time. Check it out!

  Downtown Bellevue Lucky Strike Lanes Bowling Alley


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