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There are some new geo-specific luxury real estate websites created specifically for luxury real estate on the East Side of Lake Washington. The cities these sites cover are Bellevue, Kirkland and Redmond. The folks at Luxuria also created micro-geo-specific sites for more specific areas. These areas are Clyde Hill, Medina, Hunts Point, Yarrow Point and Mercer Island and each have a median price over $1,000,000.

These new sites are in the early stages but can still help with your Luxury home purchase and sale. Search for homes in these specific areas or all over Western Washington.

  Why should a Luxury home buyer or seller have a specialist working for them? Well, there are many reasons. For buyers you need to have somebody with a proven track record for successful negotiation. Agents who specialize in luxury homes are usually very good negotiators. They understand the market & the comparable homes.  By knowing this and asking strategic questions they understand who has the negotiating power and how to use that power to get their buyers or sellers the best deal. Even if a person would think they didn’t have the negotiating power they have the skills and experience to get creative and are still successful. 

 Why should a seller have a luxury homes specialist list their home?  Luxury home specialists KNOW luxury homes. They know how to price them correctly. They know what needs to be done to get a home ready to sell and what will return the most money to the seller. Luxury home specialists are also experts at marketing these homes. They use their network of other luxury homes specialists to find buyers. They strategically post these homes to special sites that luxury buyers visit to go along with the other more traditional real estate sites. These homes need national exposure.

 Picking the right luxury home specialist is vital to the sell of your luxury home or condo. The specialist at Luxuria are those people.

Contact Luxuria Real Estate

Click to have Luxury Home/Real Estate listings sent to you

Click to have Luxury Home/Real Estate listings sent to you

Click here to visit Luxuria Real Estate for Bellevue, Kirkland & Redmond

Click here to visit Luxuria Real Estate for Bellevue, Kirkland & Redmond


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