Snohomish County Wasting Money. This is NUTS.

  I am spending the weekend east of the mountains just outside of Yakima with family. I was told that builders from Snohomish County have been hauling their waste here to a dump. Why would they drive 3 hours to do this? Well, the cost to dump it here is about 1/10 of the cost of dumping in Snohomish County. It is cheaper for companies to pay for a driver, gas, & wear and tear on the truck than it is to dump it at the local dump in Snoho. This is America where we have the freedom to shop around and find the best deal.
I know what you are thinking. Greg, what does this have to do with Snohomish County wasting money? Well, Snoho Co Deputies have been following these trucks from west of the mountains to this small little town outside of Yakima. Why? Because they do not like to see that money leave their county. They have even followed them into the dump site and harassed the drivers and workers at the site. The site owners & workers have told the deputy officers that they do not have jurisdiction over here and to get off their property. I was told,  in one incidence the Police officer said they do have jurisdiction here, but the worker, a former police officer, said NO, only if there is a crime in progress.

 One the workers from the dump site told me that they asked a truck driver hauling a load from Snohomish County where the deputy was. The driver said that they had a decoy truck leave before their other trucks and when the Snoho Co officer followed the decoy truck the other trucks pulled out and convoyed to the eastside.

OK, long story short, this seems to me, to be a HUGE waste of money and valuable resources. Maybe the Snoho Co PoPo should focus on crimes and other community services and let the biz’s dump where they want to dump as long as it is legal

No Mo Snoho Co Po Po in Yakimo


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