Orbitz.com blew it and it cost me $400. Orbitz took care of me..

Update..Update..Update Feb 20th 2010 

The power of social media/networking really works. How did I get the people at Orbitz to contact me to take care of my issue??

As you will see in the post below calling customer service didn’t work for me.  There are a few online social networking communities that I use regularly Facebook, Twitter & my blogs. I decided to use those to get my word out.  Facebook & my blog worked fine to get the word out but Twitter did the trick.   I blasted about 16 tweets about my experience Orbitz. Every tweet had the key words Orbitz.com in it. Orbitz has a Twitter application that sends them notifications when their name is in a tweet. There are a few designated people who read these tweets and if they need to be addressed they will find a way to get a hold of you. In my case they sent me a direct message via Twitter. A lady there wanted me to contact her directly so I did. She heard my issue and she agreed enough to take care of me.  She offered me a $400 voucher to cover the difference in the ticket prices.  I am now satisfied and will most likely do biz w/Orbitz again.  Twitter is not just a place to micro blog about your life 140 characters at a time. It’s the BEST search engine for the ABSOLUTE latest news, coupons/deals etc and, obviously, a place to get your issues resolved.

Happy again w/Orbitz


Angry at Orbitz.com

      Dec 22nd my biz partner tried ordering 2 flight tickets online with Orbitz.com. He had some issues so he called customer service. After spending over and hour on the phone the rep gave him a confirmation number and told him there would be an email confirmation coming w/in 24 hrs. An hour later he got the email and did what many people do, he filed it away w/out reading it. Feb 8th he wanted to check our itinerary so he opened the email and noticed it said the order was canceled.  The subject line didn’t mention anything about “canceled order”. It did say “action required” but it was the last thing in a long subject line that was too long to fit in the subject quick view. 

  We both got online, right away, to look at other flights and noticed the cheapest flight was now almost double the price we thought we locked. This being unacceptable to us I got on the horn w/an Orbitz service rep. The first call dropped and no call back. On the second call I spoke w/a friendly agent. I told her my problem mentioning that there should have been a call made to us way back when the order was cancelled to let us know we needed to find another flight. In my opinion when dealing with limited flights and constantly changing prices an email is not a good way to let a customer know an order was cancelled.

  I told the service rep I expected to get a flight close to the times we thought we had booked and for the same price. I had to escalate to a manager because the CSR didn’t have the power to satisfy us. It ended up that the manager didn’t have the power or was unwilling to take responsibility and pony up $400 for their lack of service. She offered a $50 voucher but that was not acceptable. She said that’s all she could do.

  I am still very unsatisfied with Orbitz and will not do future biz w/them and I have made it my mission to spread the word.  Be careful readers. Everything is fine until you have a problem. Good companies are able to build lifelong loyalties by taking responsibility for their weaknesses/mistakes.   Orbitz had their opportunity but blew right over it.


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