My Contact Info

Personal contact

 Dir: 206-465-7257


Office Address:

505 – 106th Ave. NE Ste 210

Bellevue, WA 98004

Office tel: 425-454-0911

Fax: 425-454-4577



  1. Hey Greg.

    I was checking my links and making sure they’re all working, and noticed you’re still using the I can update that for you if you’re interested? Will make more search friendly, and better branding…. You’ll also be able to add java script widgets which just increase functionality 10 fold.

    If you wanna chat about, I’d love to help you out. Don’t see you as direct competition, and even if I did I’d probably still offer to help. Love fellow bloggers. Let me know:)

    Nice work btw!

    Working on a KW site too! I’ll be sure to send it your way when it’s rockin and rollin. for a kw agent looking to take advantage of the referral system your company offers.


    • Hey Justin, I would appriciate the opportunity to meet with you and go over Blog/Website stratagies. Send me your contact info. I would love to chat it up w/you .

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